Tuesday, July 15, 2014

And So It Was....

....Valerie eventually gained all of the weight that she worked so hard to lose. The End.

NO F'N WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No weigh-in last week and this morning I decided to face the music and get on the scale. Not pretty doesn't really describe it.

  • Lesson No. 1 of Weight Maintenance After Loss --- Weigh yourself weekly and when you see that you are a lb or two over where you should be --- lose that lb. Do whatever it takes and don't be complacent. It's that very complacency that makes you fat. Seemingly overnight 3 lbs overweight can turn into 40!
So as my clothing clearly told me....I gained and fairly significantly. In fact, I'm now 10 lbs over what I was at my lowest number (I was only there for about 10 seconds however), but nonetheless --- that 149.8 was one of the happiest days of my life (seriously) and my goal is to see that number again. So maybe for now it's not the 143 that I've dreamed of as my "goal" weight. 
  • Lesson No 2 of Weight Maintenance After Loss --- Be realistic with your goals. Not actually reaching my "goal weight" has killed me more than once. For some reason I never seem to reach that number and then it's a hop, skip and jump back to where I started. Perhaps the number is really unattainable and working on true maintenance is more important than continuing to reach a number that I may never reach. In other words -- pat yourself on the back and stay where you are! 
  • Lesson No 3 of Weight Maintenance After Loss --- Pay attention to your clothes and the mirror. Even my underwear is telling me that I'm the weight I am. Don't go around with blinders on! 
So now? Well, firstly I'm getting back in control. I can sit here and pretend that this gain is a huge mystery to me, but it absolutely is not! Even though I still no longer eat breakfast or lunch, I'm not eating nearly the amount of fruit that I was during the day and instead I'm picking. Picking, picking, picking! And never picking on anything healthy. (If I reflect on yesterday I ate a LOT of candy, handfuls of popcorn, etc. etc.) S
  • Lesson No 4 of Weight Maintenance After Loss --- Pay attention to what you eat and don't stuff things into your mouth willy-nilly. Unconscious eating is the main culprit of weight gain and the killer of maintenance! You must --- I repeat --- MUST be aware of each and every thing that goes into that pie hole of yours! 
I'm not beating myself up. It would be counter-productive and it's for sure one of the reasons why I was fat before that "I'm so fat already, what the f I might as well just eat everything that's not nailed down" feeling. Instead I'm taking action - back to the gym and conscious eating! And....I got a new RX. Not for Qsymia, because that really isn't working for me any more. I'm going to try Belviq now. I'm hoping that my body will respond positively to the change and I can get back on track, lose what I've gained and then go off the meds again. I'm not a huge fan of being on medicine, but I try not to beat myself up about it. Qsymia was responsible for an almost 60 lb weight loss and I can do this again! 
  • Lesson No 5 of Weight Maintenance After Loss - Be gentle on yourself and love yourself always. Keep things in perspective! Is a 10 lb weight gain the end of the world? No!!!!! It's nothing more than a humongous wake up call to get back into action! 
Thanks everyone for your support. I'm going to get back into my Monday postings -- knowing that someone - anyone is reading this really does help me and holds me accountable for those weekly weigh-ins! Trying to inspire others is important to me and also holds me to my weight loss. Is there a connection between missed weigh-ins and no blogging? You betcha! So come back and start reading again! 


Mary Connealy said...

I've been worried!

Melissa Braaten-Krueger said...

I'm checking on you, Val. Did you start the Belviq yet?

Jill said...

I hope you're back! You really should eat a little something for breakfast to get your metabolism moving in the morning.