Thursday, May 15, 2014

I'm Here!

I'm here!!!!! Sorry for the absense, but I'm knee deep in ice cream! (Well, not literally because that would be sooo gross and like, sticky.) But my new business, Bluebird Ice Creamery has taken flight! I'm only at one local farmer's market, but I did a bang up business last Sunday and going back again this week with 6 new flavors. I'm really enjoying this business and feeling optimistic about it, but between my regular job and this new venture, it doesn't leave much time for much blogging for instance....or working out for instance!

I've also been sick for TWO weeks! Yes, two whole weeks of  hacking. Heading to the doctor this morning finally, because I'm so fed up with all the coughing, but it's made me weak and feeling like poo and absolutely not strong enough to get my ass to the gym. But mark my words - the second that I'm feeling like myself I'm back in that gym with a vengeance! I know how this goes. I've seen it many a time before. It's a slippery slippery slope. Not gonna happen.

p.s. Working through my last week or so of Qsymia! I'm super bummed about the price issues with it. I'd really love to stay on it for these last 10 lbs. Why does it have to be so freakin expensive???

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Rae Tracy said...

Good luck with your new business venture! I'm sure it isn't easy but you have such persistence and such an can-do attitude that you inspire many of us. :-)