Monday, December 16, 2013

Dial It Back Week

Happy happy joy joy! Take a look at my stats to the right! I made it below 150 POUNDS! First time in over 20 years! And reached my goal of losing a single pound over the holidays --- in fact, I lost over 2! But not so fast.....while I'm doing a happy dance (why not - just getting the visual of that number on my digital scale is so awe inspiring it's not even funny!), I know what I ate this week and that this loss was a surprise. So I'm taking this as a "reprieve from the Governor" and as a warning for the week ahead.

I just heard on the morning news that the week before Christmas is historically the craziest, busiest, and last chance to send and receive packages at the post office before the big day. I somehow related this to eating and thought that I'm going to call this "Dial It Back Week". Between now and next Monday would be an excellent time to truly concentrate on eating well, meditation and exercise - putting those things BEFORE all of the other things on my daily to do list. Because I'm worth it. The week after will be Christmas and then post Christmas and then New Year's. .....and then I'm home free from the enormous eating fest that we call the holidays!

But lest you think I'm obsessed with food and unable to see the forest for the Christmas trees,  let me reiterate that the one thing I've learned in this past year is that I can go places - parties, lunch, out for coffee with a girlfriend and have it truly NOT be about eating at all, but about hanging out and enjoying the company of the people that I'm with. So what better time of year to really exhibit this way of being than the holidays? Sure - I'll have a little wine and some chocolate - pasta on Christmas day (I'm Italian - it's our tradition!), but ---and yes there is a but, unless you want to have a BUTT -- always being mindful of each and every thing that I put in my mouth. In my mind, that is the key, because it's the nibbles, bites and pops of stuff into the pie-hole that'll do you in in the end!

I hope that you're all enjoying this time with whoever it is you love and especially with the people that LOVE YOU. Have a wonderful week!


Mary Connealy said...


(that is a primal scream of celebrations btw!)
way to go!!!!!


Valerie said...

Merry Christmas to you too MC! <3

Margaret said...

I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your blog. I started Qsymia yesterday and in a quest to find some real and honest information (there is so much judgment out there) came across this and read the whole thing today. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I will be checking back frequently!

Valerie said...

Good luck Margaret!